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Akkadian Goddesses

A Babylonian-Akkadian fertility goddess.

An Akkadian goddess and 'clerk' of the underworld. She holds the title of 'Queen of the Desert' and is the consort of Amurru, the god of nomads.

A Goddess of love, and consort of Dagon in at least one tradition

An Akkadian demoness who causes puerperal fever and childhood diseases. Lamastu is portrayed with bare breasts on which a dog and a pig feed themselves. She is equivalent to the Sumerian Dimme.

The Mesopotamian (and especially Sumerian and Akkadian) mother goddess. She had a decisive contribution at the creation of the first humans from blood and clay. She is also called Mami- The Babylonian goddess who created mortals.

The Akkadian goddess of the oath, later a goddess of fate and a judge in the underworld (with the Anunnaku). She is occasionally regarded as a consort of Nergal.

The Sumerian and Akkadian goddess of sex. She was also worshipped as a goddess of war. Her cult was widely spread, even to Syria and Iran.

A mother-goddess of the Sumerians and Akkadians. Her name means 'greatest queen' and is also called Dingirmach ('greatest deity') or simply Mach. She helped Nammu with the creation of humankind and was held responsible for the birth of seven deformed humans. She appears to have been an syncretization with Ninhursag.



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