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Dabareh, the word; the thing; a bee; obedient
Dabbasheth, flowing with honey 
Daberath, same as Dabareh 
Dagon, corn; a fish 
Dalaiah, the poor of the Lord 
Dalmanutha, a bucket; a branch 
Dalmatia, deceitful lamps; vain brightness 
Dalphon, the house of caves 
Damaris, a little woman 
Damascus, a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning 
Dan, judgment; he that judges 
Daniel, judgment of God; God my judge 
Dannah, judging 
Darah, generation; house of the shepherd or of the companion 
Darda, home of knowledge 
Darius, he that informs himself 
Darkon, of generation; of possession 
Dathan, laws or rites 
David, well-beloved, dear 
Debir, an orator; a word 
Deborah, word; thing; a bee 
Decapolis, containing ten cities 
Dedan, their breasts; friendship; a judge 
Dedanim, the descendants of Dedan 
Dekar, force 
Delaiah, the poor of the Lord 
Delilah, poor; small; head of hair 
Demas, popular 
Demetrius, belonging to corn, or to Ceres 
Derbe, a sting 
Deuel, the knowledge of God 
Deuteronomy, repetition of the law 
Diana, luminous, perfect 
Diblaim, cluster of figs 
Diblath, paste of dry figs 
Dibon, abundance of knowledge 
Dibon-gad, great understanding; abundance of sons 
Dibri, an orator 
Dibzahab, Dizahab, where much gold is 
Didymus, a twin; double 
Diklah, Dildah, his diminishing 
Dilean, that is poor 
Dimon, where it is red 
Dimonah, dunghill 
Dinah, judgment; who judges 
Dinhabah, he gives judgment 
Dionysius, divinely touched 
Diotrephes, nourished by Jupiter 
Dishan, a threshing 
Dishon, fatness; ashes 
Dodai, Dodanim, beloved 
Dodavah, love 
Dodo, his uncle 
Doeg, careful, who acts with uneasiness 
Dophkah, a knocking 
Dor, generation, habitation 
Dorcas, a female roe-deer 
Dothan, the law; custom 
Drusilla, watered by the dew 
Dumali, silence; resemblance 
Dura, same as Dor 


Ebal, ancient heaps 
Ebed, a servant; labourer 
Ebed-melech, the king's servant 
Eben-Ezer, the stone of help 
Eber, one that passes; anger 
Ebiasaph, a father that gathers or adds 
Ebronah, passage over; being angry 
Ecclesiastes, a preacher 
Ed, witness 
Eden, pleasure; delight 
Eder, a flock 
Edom, red, earthy; of blood 
Edrei, a very great mass, or cloud 
Eglah, heifer; chariot; round 
Eglaim, drops of the sea 
Eglon, same as Eglah 
Egypt, that troubles or oppresses; anguish 
Ehud, he that praises 
Eker, barren, feeble 
Ekron, barrenness; torn away 
Eladah, the eternity of God 
Elah, an oak; a curse; perjury 
Elam, a young man; a virgin; a secret 
Elasah, the doings of God 
Elath, a hind; strength; an oak 
El-beth-el, the God of Bethel 
Eldaah, knowledge of God 
Eldad, favoured of God; love of God 
Elead, witness of God 
Elealeh, burnt-offering of God 
Eleazar, help of God, court of God 
El-elohe-Israel, God, the God of Israel 
Eleph, learning 
Elhanan, grace, or gift, or mercy of God 
Eli, the offering or lifting up 
Eli, Eli, my God, my God 
Eliab, God is my father; God is the father 
Eliada, knowledge of God 
Eliah, God the Lord 
Eliahba, my God the Father 
Eliakim, resurrection of God 
Eliam, the people of God 
Elias, same as Elijah 
Eliasaph, the Lord increaseth 
Eliashib, the God of conversion 
Eliathah, thou art my God 
Elidad, beloved of God 
Eliel, God, my God 
Elienai, the God of my eyes 
Eliezer, help, or court, of my God 
Elihoreph, god of winter, or of youth 
Elihu, he is my God himself 
Elijah, God the Lord, the strong Lord 
Elika, pelican of God 
Elim, the rams; the strong; stags 
Elimelech, my God is king 
Elioenai, toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains 
Eliphal, a miracle of God 
Eliphalet, the God of deliverance 
Eliphaz, the endeavour of God 
Elisabeth, Elizabeth, the oath, or fullness, of God 
Elisha, salvation of God 
Elishah, it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help 
Elishama, God hearing 
Elishaphat, my God judgeth 
Elisheba, same as Elisabeth 
Elishua, God is my salvation 
Eliud, God is my praise 
Elizur, God is my strength; my rock; rock of God 
Elkanah, God the zealous; the zeal of God 
Elkeshai, hardiness or rigor of God 
Ellasar, revolting from God 
Elkoshite, a man of Elkeshai 
Elmodam, the God of measure, or of the garment 
Elnaam, God's fairness 
Elnathan, God hath given; the gift of God 
Elohi, Elohim, God 
Elon, oak; grove; strong 
Elon-beth-hanan, the house of grace or mercy 
Elpaal, God's work 
Elpalet, same as Eliphalet 
Eltekeh, of grace or mercy 
Elteketh, the case of God 
Eltolad, the generation of God 
Elul, cry or outcry 
Eluzai, God is my strength 
Elymas, a magician, a corrupter 
Elzabad, the dowry of God 
Elzaphan, God of the northeast wind 
Emims, fears; terrors; formidable; people 
Emmanuel, God with us 
Emmaus, people despised or obscure 
Emmor, an ass 
Enam, fountain, open place 
Enan, cloud 
En-dor, fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation 
Eneas, laudable 
En-eglaim, eye, or fountain, of calves 
En-gannim, eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens 
En-gedi, eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness 
En-haddah, quick sight; well of gladness 
En-hakkore, fountain of him that called or prayed 
En-hazor, the grass of the well 
En-mishpat, fountain of judgment 
Enoch, dedicated; disciplined 
Enon, cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye 
Enos, mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful 
En-rimmon, well of weight 
En-rogel, the fuller's fountain; the well of searching 
En-shemesh, fountain, or eye, of the sun 
En-tappuah, fountain of an apple, or of inflation 
Epaphras, covered with foam 
Epaphroditus, agreeable; handsome 
Epenetus, laudable; worthy of praise 
Ephah, weary; tired 
Epher, dust; lead 
Ephes-dammim, effusion of blood 
Ephesus, desirable 
Eph-lal, judging; praying 
Ephphatha, be opened 
Ephraim, fruitful; increasing 
Ephratah, Ephrath, abundance; bearing fruit 
Ephron, dust 
Epicurean, follower of Epicurus, i.e., of one who gives assistance 
Er, watchman 
Eran, follower 
Erastus, lovely, amiable 
Eri, my city 
Esaias, same as Isaiah 
Esar-haddon, that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness 
Esau, he that acts or finishes 
Esek, contention 
Esh-baal, the fire of the idol, or of the ruler 
Esh-ban, fire of the sun 
Eshcol, bunch of grapes 
Eshean, held up 
Eshek, violence, force 
Eshkalon, same as Askelon 
Eshtaol, a strong woman 
Eshtemoa, the bosom of a woman 
Esli, near me; he who separates 
Esmachiah, joined to the Lord 
Esrom, dart of joy; division of a song 
Esther, secret; hidden 
Etam, their bird, their covering 
Etham, their strength; their sign 
Ethan, strong; the gift of the island 
Ethanim, strong; valiant 
Ethbaal, toward the idol, or with Baal 
Ether, talk 
Ethiopia, blackness; heat 
Ethnan, gift 
Ethni, strong 
Eubulus, prudent; good counsellor 
Eunice, good victory 
Euodias, sweet scent 
Euphrates, that makes fruitful 
Eutychus, happy; fortunate 
Eve, living; enlivening 
Evi, unjust 
Evil-merodach, the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly 
Exodus, going out, departure 
Ezbon, hastening to understand 
Ezekiel, the strength of God 
Ezel, going abroad; walk 
Ezem, a bone 
Ezer, a help 
Ezion-Geber, the wood of the man 
Ezra, help; court 
Ezri, my help 


Felix, happy, prosperous 
Festus, festive, joyful 
Fortunatus, lucky, fortunate 


Gaal, contempt; abomination 
Gaash, tempest; commotion 
Gabbai, the back 
Gabbatha, high; elevated 
Gabriel, God is my strength 
Gad, a band; a troop 
Gadarenes, men of Gadara, i.e., a place surrounded or walled 
Gaddi, my troop; a kid 
Gaddiel, goat of God; the Lord my happiness 
Gaius, lord; an earthly man 
Galal, a roll, a wheel 
Galatia, white; the colour of milk 
Galeed, the heap of witness 
Galilee, wheel; revolution 
Gallim, who heap up; who cover 
Gallio, who sucks, or lives on milk 
Gamaliel, recompense of God; camel of God 
Gammadims, dwarfs 
Gamul, a recompense 
Gareb, a scab 
Garmites, men of Garmi, ie., bones, or, my cause 
Gatam, their lowing; their touch 
Gath, a wine-press 
Gath-rimmon, the high wine-press 
Gaza, strong; a goat 
Gazabar, a treasurer 
Gazer, a dividing; a sentence 
Gazez, a passing over 
Gazzam, the fleece of them 
Geba, a hill; cup 
Gebal, bound; limit 
Geber, manly, strong 
Gebim, grasshoppers; height 
Gedaliah, God is my greatness 
Geder, Gederah, Gederoth, a wall 
Gederothaim, hedges 
Gehazi, valley of sight 
Geliloth, rolling, wheel, heap 
Gemalli, wares; a camel 
Gemariah, accomplishment or perfection of the Lord 
Gennesaret, garden of the prince 
Genesis, beginning 
Genubath, theft; robbery 
Gera, pilgrimage, combat; dispute 
Gerar, same as Gera 
Gergesenes, those who come from pilgrimage or fight 
Gerizim, cutters, hatchets 
Gershom, a stranger here 
Gershon, his banishment; the change of pilgrimage 
Geshur, Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley 
Gether, the vale of trial or searching 
Gethsemane, a very fat or plentiful vale 
Geuel, God's redemption 
Gezer, dividing, sentence 
Giah, to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh 
Gibbar, strong, manly 
Gibbethon, a back; a high house 
Gibeah, a hill 
Gibeon, hill; cup; thing lifted up 
Giddel, great 
Gideon, he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer 
Gideoni, same as Gideon 
Gihon, valley of grace 
Gilalai, a wheel 
Gilboa, revolution of inquiry 
Gilead, the heap or mass of testimony 
Gilgal, wheel; rolling; heap 
Giloh, he that rejoices; he that overturns 
Gimzo, that bullrush 
Ginath, Ginnetho, a garden 
Girgashite, who arrives from pilgrimage 
Gispa, coming hither 
Gittah-hepher, digging; a wine-press 
Gittaim, a wine-press 
Gittites, men of Gath, ie., of a wine-press 
Goath, his touching; his roaring 
Gob, cistern; grasshopper 
Gog, roof; covering 
Golan, passage; revolution 
Golgotha, a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped 
Goliath, passage; revolution; heap 
Gomer, to finish; complete 
Gomorrah, rebellious people 
Goshen, approaching; drawing near 
Gozan, fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body 
Gudgodah, happiness 
Guni, a garden; a covering 
Gur, the young of a beast; a whelp 
Gur-baal, the governor's whelp 


Haahashtari, a runner 
Habaiah, the hiding of the Lord 
Habakkuk, he that embraces; a wrestler 
Habazinaiah, a hiding of the shield of the Lord 
Habor, a partaker; a companion 
Hachaliah, who waits for the Lord 
Hachilah, my hope is in her 
Hachmoni, a wise man 
Hadad, joy; noise; clamour 
Hadadezer, beauty of assistance 
Hadadrimmon, invocation to the god Rimmon 
Hadar, power; greatness 
Hadarezer, same as Hadadezer 
Hadashah, news; a month 
Hadassah, a myrtle; joy 
Hadlai, loitering; hindering 
Hadoram, their beauty; their power 
Hadrach, point; joy of tenderness 
Hagab, Hagabah, a grasshopper 
Hagar, a stranger; one that fears 
Haggai, feast; solemnity 
Haggeri, Haggi, a stranger 
Haggiah, the Lord's feast 
Haggith, rejoicing 
Hakkatan, little 
Hakkoz, a thorn; summer; an end 
Hakupha, a commandment of the mouth 
Halah, a moist table 
Halak, part 
Halhul, grief; looking for grief 
Hali, sickness; a beginning; a precious stone 
Hallelujah, praise the Lord 
Halloesh, saying nothing; an enchanter 
Ham, hot; heat; brown 
Haman, noise; tumult 
Hamath, anger; heat; a wall 
Hamath-zobah, the heat, or the wall, of an army 
Hammedatha, he that troubles the law 
Hammelech, a king; a counsellor 
Hammon, heat; the sun 
Hamonah, his multitude; his uproar 
Hamon-gog, the multitude of Gog 
Hamor, an ass; clay; dirt 
Hamoth, indignation 
Hamul, godly; merciful 
Hamutal, the shadow of his heat 
Hanameel, the grace that comes from God; gift of God 
Hanan, full of grace 
Hananeel, grace, or gift, of God 
Hanani, my grace; my mercy 
Hananiah, grace; mercy; gift of the Lord 
Hanes, banishment of grace 
Haniel, the gift of God 
Hannah, gracious; merciful; he that gives 
Hannathon, the gift of grace 
Hanniel, grace or mercy of God 
Hanoch, dedicated 
Hanun, gracious; merciful 
Hapharaim, searching; digging 
Hara, a hill; showing forth 
Haradah, well of great fear 
Haran, mountainous country 
Harran, see Charran 
Harbonah, his destruction; his sword 
Hareph, winter; reproach 
Harhas, anger; heat of confidence 
Harhaiah, heat, or anger, of the Lord 
Harhur, made warm 
Harim, destroyed; dedicated to God 
Harnepher, the anger of a bull; increasing heat 
Harod, astonishment; fear 
Harosheth, a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence 
Harsha, workmanship; a wood 
Harum, high; throwing down 
Harumaph, destruction 
Haruphite, slender; sharp 
Haruz, careful 
Hasadiah, the mercy of the Lord 
Hashabiah, the estimation of the Lord 
Hashabnah, Hashabniah, the silence of the Lord 
Hashem, named; a putting to 
Hashub, esteemed; numbered 
Hashubah, estimation; thought 
Hashum, silence; their hasting 
Hashupha, spent; made base 
Hasrah, wanting 
Hatach, he that strikes 
Hathath, fear 
Hatita, a bending of sin 
Hattil, howling for sin 
Hattipha, robbery 
Hattush, forsaking sin 
Hauran, a hole; liberty; whiteness 
Havilah, that suffers pain; that brings forth 
Havoth-jair, the villages that enlighten 
Hazael, that sees God 
Hazaiah, seeing the Lord 
Hazar-addar, an imprisoned generation 
Hazarenan, imprisoned cloud 
Hazargaddah, imprisoned band 
Hazar-hatticon, middle village; preparation 
Hazarmaveth, dwelling of death 
Hazar-shual, a wolf's house 
Hazar-susah, or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse 
Hazelelponi, sorrow of countenance 
Hazeroth, villages; palaces 
Hazezon-tamar, drawing near to bitterness 
Hazo, seeing; prophesying 
Hazor, court; hay 
Heber, one that passes; anger 
Hebrews, descendants of Heber 
Hebron, society; friendship 
Hegai, or Hege, meditation; word; groaning; separation 
Helam, their army; their trouble 
Helbah, Helbon, milk, fatness 
Heldai, Heleb, Heled, the world; rustiness 
Helek, part; portion 
Helem, dreaming; healing 
Heleph, changing; passing over 
Helez, armed; set free 
Heli, ascending; climbing up 
Helkai, same as Helek 
Helkath-hazzurim, the field of strong men, or of rocks 
Helon, window; grief 
Heman, their trouble; tumult; much; in great number 
Hen, grace; quiet; rest 
Hena, troubling 
Henadad, grace of the beloved 
Henoch, same as Enoch 
Hepher, a digger 
Hephzibah, my delight is in her 
Heres, the son; an earthen pot 
Heresh, a carpenter 
Hermas, Hermes, Mercury; gain; refuge 
Hermogenes, begotten of Mercury 
Hermon, anathema; devoted to destruction 
Herod, son of a hero 
Herodion, the song of Juno 
Heshbon, invention; industry 
Heshmon, a hasty messenger 
Heth, trembling; fear 
Hethlon, a fearful dwelling 
Hezekiah, strength of the Lord 
Hezer, Hezir, a bog; converted 
Hezrai, an entry or vestibule 
Hezron, the dart of joy; the division of the song 
Hiddai, a praise; a cry 
Hiel, God lives; the life of God 
Hierapolis, holy city 
Higgaion, meditation; consideration 
Hilen, a window; grief 
Hilkiah, God is my portion 
Hillel, he that praises 
Hinnom, there they are; their riches 
Hirah, liberty; anger 
Hiram, exaltation of life; a destroyer 
Hittite, one who is broken; who fears 
Hivites, wicked; wickedness 
Hizkijah, the strength of the Lord 
Hobab, favoured; beloved 
Hobah, love; friendship; secrecy 
Hod, praise; confession 
Hodaiah, the praise of the Lord 
Hodaviah, Hodiah, Hodijah, same as Hodaiah 
Hodesh, a table; news 
Hoglah, his festival or dance 
Hoham, woe to them 
Holon, a window; grief 
Homam, making an uproar 
Hophin, he that covers; my fist 
Hor, who conceives, or shows; a hill 
Horam, their hill 
Horeb, desert; solitude; destruction 
Horem, an offering dedicated to God 
Hor-hagidgad, the hill of felicity 
Hori, a prince; freeborn 
Horims, princes; being angry 
Hormah, devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction 
Horonaim, angers; ragings 
Horonites, men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty 
Hosah, trusting 
Hosanna, save I pray thee; keep; preserve 
Hosea, Hoshea, saviour; safety 
Hoshaiah, the salvation of the Lord 
Hoshama, heard; he obeys 
Hotham, a seal 
Hothir, excelling; remaining 
Hukkok, engraver; scribe; lawyer 
Hul, pain; infirmity 
Huldah, the world 
Hupham, their chamber; their bank 
Huppim, a chamber covered; the sea-shore 
Hur, liberty; whiteness; hole 
Huram, their liberty; their whiteness; their hole 
Huri, being angry; or same as Huram 
Hushah, hasting; holding peace 
Hushai, their haste; their sensuality; their silence 
Hushathite, Hushim, man of haste, or of silence 
Huz, counsel; woods; fastened 
Huzoth, streets; populous 
Huzzab, molten 
Hymeneus, nuptial; the god of marriage 


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