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Celtic Britain - God & Goddess Names

Belatucadrus | god whose name means "fair shining one"

Cocidius | god associated either with forests and hunting (linked with the Roman god Silvanus), or war (equated with Mars)

Condatis | god who personified the joining of two bodies of water in the Tyne-Tees area of North Britain; also conflated with the Roman god Mars

Coventina | goddess who personified a holy spring (that was reputed to have healing powers)

Cuda | mother goddess

Latis | goddess associated with water (and possibly beer as well)

Matres Domesticae | an aspect of the three mothers, who were considered goddesses of the homeland (Britain)

Mogons | god who was worshipped mainly in North Britain; his name means "great one"

Nodens | god of healing; he is related to the Irish god Nuada

Sulis | goddess of healing, she presided over hot springs in Aquae Sulis (modern Bath); often conflated with the Roman goddess Minerva

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