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Celtic Gaul - Gods & Goddesses Names

Abnoba | goddess of the hunt, similar to the Roman Diana

Andraste | goddess of victory

Belenus | god of light; his name means "shining one"

Borvo | god of healing; his name is associated with springs

Cernunnos | god of fertility and animals; referred to as the "horned one"

Damona | goddess of fertility and healing; her name translates as "divine cow"

Dispater | Roman god of the underworld; his cult thrived in Gaul also

Epona | goddess of horses

Esus | god equated with the Roman deities Mars and Mercury

Nantosuelta | goddess of nature; the wife of Sucellus

Nehalennia | goddess of the sea

Ogmios | gods of eloquence and knowledge; equated with the Roman hero Hercules

Rosmerta | goddess who was the native consort of the Roman god Mercury; her name signifies "great provider"

Sirona | goddess of healing

Sucellus | god of agriculture and forests; also a hammer god (his name means "good striker")

Taranis | god whose name means "thunderer"; compared to the god Jupiter

Teutates | god of war; roughly equivalent to the Roman god Mars

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