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Adalira fairy of the harp
Aelfdane Danish elf
Aelfdene from the elfin valley
Aelfwine friend of the elves
Aelita Princess of the planet Mars
Aethelwine friend of the elves
Aethelwyne friend of the elves
Aeval Faery Queen of south-western Munster
Aine dream-like Fairy Queen
Ala name of the earth goddess; wing
Alberic elf
Alberich myth name (a dwarf)
Albreda council from the elves
Alfeo council from the elves
Alfi elf power
Alfred council from the elves
Alfreda elf power
Alfredo council from the elves
Alfrigg myth name (a dwarf)
Alger spear from the elves
Alpin elf
Alpinolo elf friend
Alston from the Elf's Adobe
Alured council from the elves
Alva army of elves
Alvar army of the elves
Alvara army of elves
Alvarie army of elves
Alverdine council from the elves
Alvie army of elves
Alvin elf wine, noble friend
Arethusa nymph
Asleif a protector to the Norwegian prince Herald
Auberon king of the fairies
Aubrey elf ruler
Avalon island of apples in Celtic myth
Avery elf ruler
Avery elf ruler
Baldred a hermit who lived in a cave on the Firth or Forth
Beowulf an Anglo-Saxon hero who saved King Hrothgar from Grendel
Bilbo hero of The Hobbit
Blossom flower-like
Breena Fairy Land
Brokk myth name (a dwarf)
Brucie forest sprite
Bunty a young character from The Seven Little Australians
Bunyan Paul Bunyan was a great folk hero from the U.S.
Byamee a wise god of Aboriginal legend
Caelia Fairy Queen
Camelot the legendary court of King Arthur
Celie heroine of the Colour Purple by Alice Walker
Cinderella fairytale stepsister who marries a Prince
Dain myth name (a dwarf)
Delfina elfin
Delpfine elfin
Diana goddess of the woodlands
Donella dark-haired elfin girl
Drake dragon
Dulcina rose
Durin mythical dwarf
Eglantina wild rose
Eglantine wild rose
Eitri myth name (a dwarf)
Eldan from the elves' valley
Elden from the elves' valley
Eldon from the elves' valley
Elfrida elf power
Elga elfin spear
Elgar noble elf
Ella elfin
Ellette little elf
Elva good elf
Elvia good elf
Elvin elf friend, or high-born friend
Elvina noble friend, elf friend
Elvy elf warrior
Elwin friend of the elf
Elysia Polynesian mythological warrior
Eolande violet flower
Erlina little elf
Faerydae a gift from the fairies
Fanfer myth name (a dragon)
Fanfir myth name (a dragon)
Fay fairy
Fayette little fairy
Faylinn fairy kingdom
Fee fairy
Foster forest guardian
Galldora story-time rag doll
Gamelyn from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Gelsey jasmine
Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathon Swift
Hreidmar myth name (dwarf king)
Iduna the god of poetry
Jinx spell
Kailen warrior
Kalan warrior
Kalen warrior
Kelandra great warrior of Javanese fable
Latanya Russian fairy princess
Liliana gracious lily
Lilli flower
Lilly lily flower
Lorella elfin Laura
Lorelle elfin Laura
Lorilla elfin Laura
Luella famous elf
Mab joy
Madri legendary sister of the King of Madras
Marigold golden flower
Maui fifth and weakest son of Taranga in Maori legend
Meliora the water fairy
Melusine the water fairy
Naida water nymph
Nerida flower
Nissa friendly elf or fairy
Nixie water sprite
Nyx sprite
Oberon King of the Fairies
Odelina elfin spear
Odile elfin spear
Ordella elfin spear
Pania a sea-maiden who married a mortal
Perizada fairy-born
Pixie elf
Radella elfin counsellor
Raisa rose
Rhoslyn lovely rose
Rhoswen white rose
Rosalba white rose
Rosina little rose
Sebille a fairy
Sedana a prince of a Javanese fable
Shaylee Fairy princess of the field
Shea scientific, ingenious one
Shea fairy palace
Sindri myth name (a dwarf)
Tana Fairy queen
Tania Fairy queen
Tapairo the fairy woman of Raratonga
Taranga the mother of Maue, in Maori legend
Thyrza wand
Tinkerbell probably the most famous fairy
Titania Queen of the Fairies
Tryamon a Fairy Princess
Wandjina a god and creator of lands, in Aboriginal legend
Xantho golden-haired sea nymph
Zanna lily
Zuzanna rose
Faery Names

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