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Rameka Male A chief of Ati-Awa.
Rana Male Maori form of Dan.
Ranapiri Male A Ngati-Raukawa chief.
Rangatira Male Chief; person of good breeding.
Rangi M/F Heaven or the sky. A boy or girl's name.
Raru Male A Taranaki chief.
Rawhiti Male Maori form of David.
Rawiri Male Maori form of David. The beloved, the adored one.�
Rea Female Maori form of Leah
Rehunga Male A Rangitane chief.
Reinga Male A noted glutton of Ngati-Awa.
Reka Female Sweet.�
Rekareka Female One of the girls who captured Kae.
Rera Male A Mokau chief.
Rere Female A waterfall.�
Rewha Male A chief of Ngati-Maru.
Rewi Male Maori form of Dave.
Riana Female Maori form of Diana.
Ripaka Male A chief of Ngati-Rua.
Ritoka Male A South Island chief.
Roake Male One of the minor Gods.
Roha Female Rose.
Rohu Female A daughter of Te Heuheu.
Roimata Female A daughter of Mai-tara-nui.
Rona Female The woman in the moon.
Rongo Male The God of Rain and Fertility. A chief's name widely used.
Roriki Male A Taranaki chief.
Rua Male Lake.
Ruatea Male A chief of Kurahaupo.
Ruaumoko Male God of earthquakes/volcanoes
Ruhi M/F A star. A northern chief. A Ngati-Ira chieftainess.
Ruihi Female Maori form of Lucy.
Ruki Male Maori form of Duke.
Rukutia Female A wife of Tu-te-Koropunga.
Ruru Male The owl. A descendant of Ihenga.
Rurunga Male A chief of Horehore pa.
Tahana Male A chief of Ati-Awa.
Tahere Male A Ngai-te-rangi chief. A Kaikohe chief.
Tahoke Male A Ngati-Maniapoto chief killed at Ohura.
Tahua Male A son of Muriwai of Hokianga. A Ngai-Tahu chief.
Tahuna Male A Ngati-Apa chief.
Tahuri Female Mother of Kiwi of Wai-o-hua
Taiapua Female A daughter of Kupe.
Taiaroa Male A South Island chief.
Taiepa Male One of the minor Gods.
Taiko Female A daughter of Mawete.
Taimana Female Diamond.
Taipo Male Devil, goblin.
Tama Male Son.
Tamati Male Maori form of Thomas.
Tana Male Maori form of Turner.
Tane Male Maori God of the Forest.
Tangaroa Male Maori God of the Sea.
Takatakau Male A South Island Chief.
Takerei Male A Mokau chief.
Takinga Male A chief killed at Nga-puke-turua.
Takira Female The mother of Kahukura.
Takoko Male A son of Wairerewha.
Takurua Male A Ngati-Maru chief. Winter.
Tane Male One of the major gods. Man. Creator of forests.
Tangaroa Male God of the sea.
Taniwha Male A chief of Mercury Bay. Also a mythical monster or demon.
Taonga Male Most treasured possession or person.
Taonui Male A Hokianga chief.
Tapata Male A Moriori chief.
Tapouka Male A South Island chief.
Tapu Male/Female Sacred
Tapuwae Female A sister of Tamaahua.
Tarake Male A chief of Ngai-Te-Rangi.
Tarore Female A daughter of Ngakuku.
Tatao Male A chief of Rarotonga.
Tauaki Male A chief of olden time at Maketu.
Tauakina Female A sister of Tama-i-hara-nui.
Tauhangi Male A Ngati-Whanaunga chief.
Taukato Male An ancestor of Ruatapu.
Taumutu Female A wife of Pokopoko of Wai-o-hua.
Taupahi Female A wife of Kukupa of One-mania.
Tawaka Male A chief of Wai-o-hua.
Te Pura Female Blind; Chief's child.
Te Raukura Male Plume of feathers; branch of rainbow; symbol of peace.
Tiki Male Figure of Greenstone; Maori form of Dick.
Timoti Male Maori form of Timothy.
Tipene Male Maori form of Stephen.
Tipi Male A Ngati-Toa chief.
Tipoka Male A Tuhoe chief.
Tiroa Male A Tuhoe chief.
Tiwhati Male A Muaupoko chief.
Tohatu Male A chief of Onepoto.
Tohunga Male A priest or very gifted person.
Towhia Male A Ngati-Awa chief.
Tua Male Father of Hapo-taia-roa killed by Ngati-Awa.
Tuakoto Male A Ngati-Ira chief.
Tuawhia Male A Waikato chief.
Tuhuru Male A chief of Arahura.
Tui Female Parson Bird.
Tuku Male A fairy chief. Ngati-Toa Genealogy. Tuhoe Genealogy.
Tukete Male An ancient navigator. A Ngati-Namoe chief.
Tumakuru Male A chief of Koru pa, Taranaki.
Tumata Male A Mua-upoko chief.
Tuna Male An eel God
Tungia Male A Taranaki chief.
Tupai Male One of the minor Gods.
Tupara Male A chief of Te Namu.
Tupoki Male A Ngati-Tama chief.
Tupuna Male A Waikato chief.
Turau Male A Hokianga chief.
Turi Male The Captain of the Aotea.
Turuki Male A Ngai-Tahu chief.
Uenuku Male God of the rainbow. A priest of Hawaiki at the time of the heke.
Wahine Female Woman or wife
Waiata Female Song.
Waraki Male A God of the Sea.
Whakahi Male A chief of Ngati-Kahupungapunga.
Whetu Male Writer of the story of Kai-whakaruaki. A chief of Ngati-Rongo.
Whina Female Helper.
Whiro Male A God of evil and darkness.
Wiremu Male Maori form of William. Desiring protector.
Witi Male First name of the author of "The Whale Rider".

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