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Lafayette Fate, Fayette, Left, Leffie(y)
Laodicia Dicy, Cenia
Lauren Laurie, Ren
Laurinda Laura - (m) Lawrence
Lauryn Laurie
Laveda Veda
Laverne Verna - (m) Vernon
Lavinia/Lavonia/Louvinia Vina, Viney, Vonnie, Wyncha
Lawrence Larry, Lars, Laurence, Lawrie, Lon, Lorry - (f) Laura
Leanne Annie, Lea
Lecurgus Curg
Lee names with "Le"
Lemuel Lem
Lena names ending with "leen/lina"
Leonard Leo, Leon - (f) Leona
Leonidas Lee, Leon
Leonore/Leonora Elenor, Honor, Nora
LeRoy Lee, Roy
Leslie Les, Lester
Letitia Lettie, Lettice, Titia, Tish
Levicy Vicy
Levone/Lavonne Von
Lillian Lil (a), Lilly, Lolly, Odie
Lina names ending with "lena/lina"
Lincoln Link
Lionel Leon
Littleberry Berry, L.B., Little
Lois Heloise, Louise
Loretta Etta, Laura, Lorrie, Retta
Lorinda/Laurinda Laura
Lorraine Lorrie
Lotta/Lotty Charlotte, Charlotta
Louis Lewis, Lou, Louie - (f) Louise
Louise Eliza, Eloise, Lois, Lou, Lulu - (m) Louis
Louvenia/lavinia Vina, Viny
Lucia Lucy - (m) Lucius
Lucias Lucas, Luke
Lucille Ceall, Cille, Lucy
Lucina Sinah
Lucinda Cindy, Lucy
Lucretia Creasey
Luella Ella
Lunetta Nettie
Lurana Lura
Lynn names ending with "lene/lina/lyn"
Mabel Amabel, Mehitabel
Mac, Mack Any name starting with Mac/Mc
Mackenzie Kenzy, Mac/Mack
Madeline Lena, Maddie, Madge, Maggie, Maud, Middy
Madison Maddy, Mattie
Magdalena Maggie
Mahala Haley, Huldah
Malachi Mally
Malcolm Mac, Mal, Malc
Malinda Lindy
Malissa/Melissa Elizabeth, Missa, etc.
Manerva Eve, Minerva, Nerva, Nervie
Manoah Noah
Manola Nonnie
Manuel Emanuel, Manny
Marcus Mark - (f) Marcia
Margaret Daisy, Greta, Madge, Maggie, Maisie, Marge, Margo, Meg, Megan, Metta, Midge, Peggie
Margarita Rita - See Margaret
Mariah Maria, Mary
Marion (f) Mary
Marian Marianna - (m) Marion
Marilyn Mary
Marissa Rissa
Marjorie Madge, Marge, Margie
Marsha Marcie, Mary
Martha Marnie, Mart, Marty, Mat, Mattie, Patsy, Patty
Marvin Marv, Merv, Mervyn
Mary Mae, Mamie, Maria(h), Marie, Marietta, Marion, Maureen, May, Mercy, Minnie, Mitzi, Mollie (y), Polly
Mary Maura meaning "Big Mary" & Moira meaning "Little Mary", America, Demaris
Matthew Matt, Matthias
Mathilda Patty, Tillie
Matilda Mat, Matty, Maud, Tilda, Tillie
Maureen Mary
Maurice Maury, Morris, Mossie
Mavine/Mavery (m) Mave
Maxine Max - names starting with "Max"
May Mae
Mc Any name starting with Mac/Mc
McKenna Ken, Kenna, Meaka
Medora Dora
Megan Meg
Mehitabel Hetty, Mabel, Mitty
Melchizedek Dick, Zadock
Melinda Linda, Lindy, Mel
Melissa Alyssa, Lisa, Mel, Milly, Missy
Mellony Mellia
Melody Lodi
Melvin Mel
Melvina Vina
Mercedes Merci/Mercy, Sadie
Micajah Cage
Michael Mickey, Mike, Mitchell
Michelle Mickey, Shelly
Mildred Mell, Milly, Mimi
Millicent Milly
Minerva Mina, Minnie, Nerva, Nervie
Miranda Mandy, Mari, Mira, Randy
Miriam Mary, Mitzi
Mitchell Michael, Mitch
Mitzi Mary
Monet Nettie
Monica Monna(ie)
Monteleon Monte
Montesque Monty
Montgomery Gum, Monty
Mortimer Mort
Moses Amos, Mose, Moss
Muriel Mur
Myrtle Mert/Myrt, Myrti
Nadine Dee Dee, Nada
Nancy also a male name
Nancy Agnes, Ann, Nan, Nance, Nannie
Naomi Omi
Napoleon Leon, Nap,Poley, Pony
Natalie Nattie, Nettie - name given child born Christmas day
Natasha Nat, Tasha
Nathaniel Jonathan, Nat, Nate, Natty, Nathan, Tan
Nelson Nels
Nicholas Nick/Nicky, etc.
Nicodemus Nick
Nicole Cole, Nikki, Nole
Nora Nonie
Nowell Noel
Obadiah Diah, Dyer, Obe, Obed, Obie
Obedience Beda, Beedy, Biddie, Obed
Octavia Tave, Tavia
Odell Odo
Olive Ollie
Olivia Livia, Olive - (m) Oliver
Oliver Ollie
Onicyphorous Cy, Cyphorus, One, Osaforum, Osaforus, Syphorous
Orilla/Aurilla Ora, Rilly
Orlando Roland
Orphelia Phelia
Oswald Ossy, Waldo
Otis Ode, Ote
Pamela Pam
Pandora Dora
Parthenia Parsuny/Pasoonie, Phenie, Teeny
Patience Pat, Patty
Patricia Pat, Patsy, Patty, Tricia, Trish, Trixie - (m) Patrick
Patrick Paddy, Pat, Patsy, Peter, Patricia
Paul (f) Paula, Pauline, Polly
Pauline Polly
Penelope Neppie, Penny
Percival Perce/Percy
Permelia Mellie (y), Milly
Pernetta Nettie
Persephone Seph,Sephy
Petronella Nellie
Pharaba/Pheriba Ferbie, Pherbia
Pheney Josephine
Philip Filip, Phil, Pip, etc. - (f) Philippa
Philadelphia Delphia
Philander Fie
Philipina Phoebe, Penie
Philomena Mena (f) Almena
Phoebe Fifi
Pinckney Pink
Pleasant Ples
Pocahontas Pokey
Posthuma Humey
Prescott Pres, Scott
Priscilla Cil/Cilla, Ciller, Prissy, Siller
Providence Provy
Prudence Densy, Prudy
Rachel Rae/Ray, Raech
Randolph Dolph, Rafe, Randall, Randy
Raphael Raff
Ramona Mona
Raymond Ray
Rebecca Becca, Beck, Beckie (y), Reba
Regina Gina, Ray
Reginald Reg, Reggie, Rex, Reynold
Reuben Rube, Ruby
Reynold Reginald
Rhoda Rodie
Rhodella Della
Rhyna Rhynie
Richard Dick, Rich(ie), Rick, Ritchie
Robert Dob, Dobbin, Bob(by), Rob, Robin, Rupert - (f) Roberta
Roberta Bert, Bobbie, Robbie - (m) Robert
Roderick Erick, Rod, Rickie
Roger Hodge, Hodgekin
Roland Orlando, Rowland
Ronald Ron/Ronnie
Roscoe Ross
Rose names starting with "rose"
Rosina Sina
Roxane Rox/Roxie
Rudolph Dolph, Rolf, Rollo, Rudy
Rufina/ReFina Fina
Russell Russ
Ryan Ry
Sabrina Bri, Brina, Sabby, Sabra,
Salome Loomie
Salvador Sal
Samantha Mantha, Sammy,etc.
Samson/Sampson Sam
Samuel Sam, Sonny
Sandra Alexandra, Sandy
Sanford Sandy
Sarah Cera, Sadie, Sal, Sallie, Sara(i), Sukie, Surry
Sarilla Silla
Sarina/Serena Rena, etc.
Savannah Anna, Vannie, etc.
Scott names with "scott", Sceeter, Squat, Scottie
Sebastian Sebby
Selma (m) Anselm
Serena Rena,etc.
Serilla Rilla
Shaina Sha, Shay, Sha-Sha
Sharon Sha, Shay
Sheila Cecilia
Sheldon Shelly
Sheridan Dan, Danny
Sidney Sid
Sibbilla, Sibbell, Sybill Sibbie
Sigfrid/Sigfired Sid
Sigismund Sig
Silas Si
Silence Liley
Silvester/Sylvester Si, Syl, Sly, Vest, Vester
Simeon Sim, Simon
Socrates Crate
Solomon Sal, Salmon, Sol, Solly, Zolly
Sondra Dre, Sonnie
Sophronia Frona, Fronia, Sophia
Stan names starting with "Stan"
Stephanie Annie, Steph(ie) - (m) Stephen
Stephen Step, Steve (ie), Steven - (f) Stephanie
Submit Mitty
Sullivan Sully
Susannah Hannah, Sudy, Sue, Sukey, Susan, Susie, Suzanne
Suzanne Suki
Sybill Sibbie
Sydney Sid
Sylvanus Sly, Syl
Sylvester See Silvester
Tabitha Tabby
Tamarra Tammy
Tanafra Tanny
Tasha Tash/Tashie
Temperance Tempy
Terence Terry
Teresa Terry, Tess, Tessie, Tyrza
Thaddeus Tad/Thad
Theodora Dora
Theodore Dorey, Ted, Theotric - (f) Theodora
Theodosia Dosia, Theo - (m) Theodosius
Theophilus Ophi
Theotha Otha
Theresa Terry, Tess, Tessie, Thursa, Ticy, Tracy, Trissy
Thomas Thom, Tom
Thomasa/Thomasine Tamzine
Tiffany Tiff/Tiffy
Tilford (m) Tillie
Timothy Tim
Tina names ending with "tine/tina"
Tobias Tobe/Toby/Bias
Tranquilla Trannie, Quilla
Ty names starting "Ty"
Unice/Eunice Nicie
Uriah Ury
Ursula Sula, Sulie
Valentina/Valentine Felty, Val/Vallie
Valerie Val
VanBuren Buren
Vandalia Vannie
Vanessa Nessa, Van/Vannie
Vernisee Nicey
Veronica Franky, Ronnie, Ronna, Vonnie
Victor Vic/Vick
Victoria Toria, Torrie, Tory, Vicki - (m) Victor
Vida (m) David
Vincent Vin, Vince, Vinnie/Vinny
Viola Ola, Vi
Violetta Lettie
Virginia Ginger, Ginny, Jane, Jennie (y), Jinie, Virgie
Vivian Vi, Viv
Waldo Oswald
Wallace Wallie/Wally
Walter Wat
Webster Webb
Wendy Wen
Wilfred Fred, Willie
Wilhelmina Billie, Helmie, Mina, Minnie, Willie, Wilma - (m) Wilhelm, William
Willie names starting with "Wil"
William Bill, Bud, Will
Willis Bill, Willy
Wilda (f) Willie
Wilma (m) Wilhelm, William
Winfield Field, Win, Winny
Winifred Freddie, Winnie, Winnet
Winton Wint
Woodrow Woody - names "wood"
Yeona Ona, Onie
Yulan Lan, Yul
Yvonne Vonna
Zachariah Zach, Zacharias, Zachary, Zeke
Zadock Dick, Dock, Melchizedek, Zed
Zaven Zee
Zebulon Lon, Zeb
Zedediah Zed
Zelphia Zel, Zella, Zelphy
Zepaniah Zeph

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