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Goddesses of the Phillippines


Among the Tinguian of the Philippines, she is honored along with her husband, Tadaklan, as co-creatrix of the sun, moon, earth and stars .

In a reversal of the usual story, this Tinguian tale tells of a mortal woman carried to the heavens. She married the Sun.

In myths from among the Iloko of the Philippines, batibats are large, fat women that inhabit trees. When the trees are cut down, the batibat will follow the wood if it is to used for a bedpost. The batibat will then cause bangungnot (nightmares). It is driven away by biting one's thumb or wriggling the big toe in a nightmare.

A cannibalistic witch of the Philippines. She has the head of a women, four feet like a horse, and the wings of an eagle. She is fond of eating children.

A volcano goddess who "demanded" a human sacrifice once a year to keep her from erupting. Linked to the Mayon Volcano (Bicol folklore) - the volcano rose from the spot where lovers Daragang Magayan ('Beautiful Maiden') and Ulap ('Cloud') were killed by a jealous suitor.



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