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Jumpers Class

Start out with getting a feel for the various "shapes" of the different segments, and note the colors of the jumps. While they may all look alike, they are often painted different colors. You might see a red "come", or a green "get out", etc. Or sometimes a jump will have 4 uprights as opposed to 3, that translates into short wing or wide wing. Or one might be taller than the other, or you might find a shape in that part of the course. A square here, do this, or a triangle there. Use these patterns to help you remember the course. (Katie Greer)

Jumpers courses are either loops or esses (Ss). Try to look at the posted course if you can and determine what the shape of the course is. Another thing to do is to watch a LOT of dogs ahead of you run. (Jo Ann Mather)


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