Figure Eights

From Cheryl May, (

The best way to teach the Figure 8's is through luring and changing speed noticeably. Put yourself in *training* mode. This means that you are the dog's coach and you will do lots of stuff you won't be able to do in the ring. Your job is to help her learn this. Get some type of treat she rarely gets and really likes. Show it to her and then start walking the Figure 8. Start out by going slowly enough that you can lure her into keeping in heel position. Then, teach her cue words for each post. When she is on the inside, the cue word is "easy," and you and she go r-e-a-l-l-y slow at first. Once you have reached the area where the steward's left elbow would be, cue her with the word "hurry," and drastically increase your pace, almost to the point of running. Make it a game -- the hurry and easy game.


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