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If you are having trouble getting your dog to come in close enough on recalls, chances are that at some point you have reached out, grabbed your dog and pulled him into a nice, close front. NO WONDER HE SITS OUT OF REACH!!!! Another reason may be because you are tall, and the dog is short! They HAVE to sit out so they can see your face! You need to give your dog a target. For little dogs, use some spot between your knees and thighs, depending on how short the dog is. (shins for daschies, maltese, etc). Bend at the KNEES, not at the waist! (not only does this intimidate the heck out of little dogs, it is very bad foryour back), holding the food just about 6" above the dog's nose.

You are holding the food ON your legs, the dog MUST come in and TOUCH you to get his cookie! Eventually, all you have to do is "tap" the target to help the dog "find" front.


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