Running a Trial

Gifts for the Judge

A couple of different ideas for judge's gifts...

  • An affordable piece of agility equipment, such as a PVC jump
  • A collection of gifts that's reflective of your region

Try to give judges something they will find one show, they gave each of the judge's one of those PVC/mesh crates. (Monica Percival)

Super soakers have been given over much. Try something creative like a caricature of the judge jumping through a tire! (Sara Grachek)

Most clubs are still giving gifts. They range from fruit baskets, to lovely little multi-flower potted gardens, to picture frames, to cheddar cheese in the shape of a cow, etc. Another idea: doggie tote bags filled with snack items the judges can munch on over the course of the weekend like bags of chips, crackers & cheese, fruit, a couple of cans of soda, etc. Please make sure the gift is tansportable by air if this is the way your judge came to your trial. As far as presentation, it can be done after the judge has finished their assignment or prior to the beginning of judging. Some clubs quietly place the wrapped gift on the table while the judge is judging in which case the judge waits until s/he is completely finished before opening the gift. (Phyllis Fleming)


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