From Elly Burke, (dburke@serv01.net-link.net)

Here's a little information on what a Halti is and how to use it:

A Halti is like a halter for horses, only dog-size. It fits on the dog's head with a noseband that goes over the muzzle. It's very soft, wide web nylon, and comes in several different sizes. For my little sheltie, 13 1/2 in., with a small muzzle, I use the 0. For my other two, 14 1/2 in and 15 1/4 in., I use the 1. You can buy the Halti at most decent pet stores, or some of the catalogs carry it.

The crown piece is adjustable--you want the nose band to not touch their eyes, but the crown should be loose enough that the dog can't scrape the nose band off the end of its nose.

When you first introduce it to your dog, be prepared that they might resist having in put on. Hold a piece of food out for them as you put the nose piece on their nose, and even let them munch on a couple more pieces as they first have it on. Make your first sessions short, with lots of distracting food if they get too worked up about this *thing* on their face. Remember, it's like introducing the collar or lead for the first time. Don't attach anything to the Halti the first several sessions, just let them get used to it. Then when they seem to be coping better, put a leash on their COLLAR and lead them around with it on.

Eventually, put a VERY light lead (I use a nylon string with a small snap) on the ring under their chin. Tell them "watch" (or whatever your command is) and guide their nose around to you, then "Good watch" and reward. Eventually you can use a light pop on the string as a correction when they understand the concept.

I use the Halti for short sessions (5-10 min) to work on stationary, then moving attention. Then I take it off to work on my other stuff.

The beauty of the Halti is that it is very clear on what you want from the dog, AND it is soft and kind. My VERY soft Sheltie (melts if you look at him crossways) copes quite well with it.



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