Showing Your Dog

Pump Your Dog up for Running

Show up early and take them out and do their favorite thing with them. If they don't have any games they love, then just run with them. Make a race out of it, changing sides as you go, darting this way and then that way. Catch me! Rewarding with yummies as you go. It gets their attention as well as pumping them up for what awaits them. Letting them watch the other dogs running helps some dogs. Take them ringside and let them watch. Ask them if they're ready? Ready to do agility? Ready to hup, ready to scramble, ready to do whatever their favorite obstacle is. Take them over the practice jump running straight on, calling to the left, then calling to the right. Big reward for doing as asked. Then head for the ring. As you watch the dogs ahead of you don't forget the dog beside you. Get their attention and keep it. (Katie Greer)

You may not want to leave a dog at the start line. Wait with them, really encouraging them before you start, also play a lot with them whilst waiting to run. They should soon start with more speed and, yes, you do have to run faster but it is worth it with the smaller dogs who can be a bit uncertain. (Jane Heritage)


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