Suggestions for Agility Games/Fun Day

  • Bobbing for Bones - float 5 small milkbones on a bucket of water. Count how many bones the dog can catch and eat in 30 seconds. This is a real photo opportunity!
  • Dog and Handler Obstacle course. Arrange an obstacle course where you alternate obstacles to be done by the dog with obstacles to be done by the handler. For instance, dog does jump, then is left in a pause box while handler goes away to do a low jump. Set the jumps and A-frame low so that all dogs can do it.
  • Keep in mind the abilities of the handlers too - it sure is fun to see the different styles of handlers on the weave poles! Handlers have to jump a low jump, do a hoop (by passing a hula hoop around their bodies from head to toe), do a 5 second pause in a chair, weave poles, etc.
  • Recall through distractions - handler leaves dog and calls dog through a path littered with rawhide chews, squeak toys, balls, bowl of dog food, etc.
  • Dog Volley ball - set up a solid jump with dog and handler on opposite sides. Handler tosses large foam ball over to dog. Dog is encouraged to bat it back over with his nose.
  • Toy retrieve - handler is supplied with a basket of toys (soft frisbees, squeak toys, tennis balls on rope, etc.). Handler tosses toys and gets a point for each one the dog brings back to him. They can do the same toy over and over.
  • Tennis Ball retrieve - handler sends dog to basket of tennis balls and encourages dog to bring back as many as possible in allotted time.
  • Drop on the spot - Dog is left on a wait while handler walks away. Calls dog. Dog is asked to drop at a designated spot. The closer to the spot, the more points earned. Use weave poles set about 2 feet apart in a line to help you figure out how many points are earned: |2pts|4pts|6pts| 8pts|10pts|8pts|6pts| 4pts|2pts|

(Judy Smotrel)

  • Doggie Baseball - Divide into two teams, taking turns being the pitchers and the runners. The runners run a course counterclockwise (dog on right) that consists of jumps, tunnel, tire and seesaw. The pitchers run a flyball type course- 3 jumps to a flyball box and back to the "mound". When the pitcher makes it back, activity ceases. Some runners make home runs, others end up on a base and start there for the next round. After the first "inning" runners and pitchers change positions.
  • Musical Dogs - A knockout type of thing, with two separate but identical courses. When the music stops you have to hit the table top in your course. To make life simple everything for all dogs is set at 12".

(Anne Smith)


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