General Training

Training at Home

Here are some ideas if you train by yourself and also travel a lot:

  1. 5 or 6 light weight PVC jumps that readily set to your dog's training height and competition height. With these you can do all sorts of directional and distance work. Don't forget to use two jumps together to make a spread hurdle.

  2. 12 free standing weave poles made from electric fence post stakes covered by 3 ft. pieces of PVC. These can be set staggered for training. Also the poles can double as ground lines at the jumps, or a pause box for use as a send away target.

    The above 2 items fit in a 4 foot duffle bag for traveling. Use the lighter weight schedule 20 PVC in 3/4 inch diameter.

  3. A little dog walk. This is just an up ramp and down ramp hinged together and set over a saw horse. It allows practice of contact skills with minimal space and is easy to move.

  4. A tunnel of some sort. It could be just a trash can with the bottom knocked out.

  5. A table at or near your competition height. Being able to send away to the table and lead out from it is a very useful skill.

Add other obstacles as needed, based on what you are having trouble with.
(Sally Sheridan)

For build-your-own agility plans, contact Jim Hutchins, HOGA Agility, 128 Chippewa Cir, Jackson, MS 39211-6513.


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