Running a Trial

What to do if it rains

Some tips for holding a trial in the rain: DON'T!

But seriously, plastic bags over the scribe's score sheets are a must. Scribe with pencil so the ink won't run. Bring lots of towels to wipe off equipment. Plan an extra ring steward to deal with the collapsed tunnel. You can build a three-sided tent for the gate steward's wipe board using two wings of a jump and a tarp.

Do everything possible to over secure every tent. One strong wind could wipe you out. Bring rain gear that includes a hood and gloves. For courses, scores, and schedules posted on bulletin boards, put them inside plastic covers before posting them. If the rain comes in sideways, they won't get soaked. Wear good shoes. Expect the unexpected. Bring a funny hat for your judge to wear. Put stuff in the car BEFORE it rains. Drink lots of hot chocolate. Take a hot shower when it's all over and laugh about it. (Trisha Gage)

For good traction on the contacts in rain, look for a paint called Skid Not. It can be mixed in almost any color and comes in about 3 without mixing. It is used on Concrete (or wood) around pools and stuff. Use two coats over a base coat. It works great!
(Ann Knight)


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