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Albino Koala, Laughing Kookaburra's, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Kangaroo, Dingo, and the unusual Hairy Nosed Wombat.
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Bilby, Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Saltwater Crocodile, Frill Neck Lizard, to name a few of our unusual residents.
Page 3
Scenes of Sydney Harbour, Queensland and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory Outback.
Page 4
Beautiful photos of Australian Wattles, native plants and wildflowers abundant (particularly in W.A.).
Page 5
Northern Territory - the 600 million year old Ayers Rock, the largest rock monolith in the world, Kings Canyon, and various lakes and coastline scenic photo's. Come here and see for yourself!
Page 6
Kangaroo's and Koala's, birds including Pelicans, Gannets, the Brolga bird, the brilliant Eclectus parrot, varieties of the Kingfisher, & the Red-bellied Black snake, one of many venomous snakes.
Page 7
Truly lovely Australian native shrubs and wildflowers. One of the best known I guess is the Banksia. Unusual trees such as the Bayan Tree also.
Page 8
Beautiful shots from the natural wonders of the Australian coastlines to babbling brooks, and the rugged interior of the Outback or Red Center.
Page 9
Some of Graham Hagenlocher's personal photo gallery! Beautiful photo's of Sydney Heads, Lord Howe Island. Parrots and Eastern Quolls.
Page 10
The exquisite colours of the Australian wild flowers. Spring in Australia is so beautiful as you can see from these stunning shots. We'll share it with you.
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The enchanting rich colours of the "Red Center" to the rugged coastlines.
Page 12
Beautiful Coral Reef and fish photo's, and scenes of Brisbane and Sydney cities.
Page 13
Graham Hagenlocher's stunning photos of his trip to weekend of snow skiing at Falls Creek Resort in Victoria, a very popular winter holiday ground.
Page 14
Photos of the infamous Bondi Beach and the Gold Coast, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Melbourne city, Koala baby with mother, and a Dingo. Superb!
Page 15
Wonderful photos of Australian mammals and wildlife, including Bilby, Dunnart, Bower Bird, Leafy Sea Dragon, Dugong, ...
Page 16
More of the wildlife - Kultarr, Feather-tail Gliders, baby Joey in pouch, Wombat, Quokka, Cuscus and jumping Crocodiles!
Page 17
The intrigue and beauty of Western Australia...Wave Rock, Cape Leeuwin, The Pinnacles, Elephants Rocks, and Sydney Harbour, and "Jaws". (Yes...we do have 'em, plenty of 'em!)
Page 18
The deadly Funnel Web Spider, King Brown snake, Dragon Lizard, Dugite and Eastern Brown snakes, Freshwater Crocodiles, Kingfishers, Koala's, and the brilliant Wonga pigeon.
Page 19
Back into the Red Centre again! This time featuring the Python, Desert Devil, Bearded Dragon, Honey Ant, Wedge Tail Eagle, Termite Mounds and the beauty of Standley Chasm, as well as the  rare white Dingo. What a magnificent country!
Page 20
A mixture on this page, from Western Australian outback trees, a man-eating crocodile lurking in the Northern Territory, Darwin (NT) at dusk, a classic old car and tin shed in Queensland, and an interesting advertising board in Alice Springs. 
Page 21
What an incredible looking creature - the Gippsland Water Dragon! Lovely photo's of the NSW countryside, Sydney beaches and a superb butterfly in the Queensland Rainforest.
Page 22
More of Sydney, the Olympic City. Great shots of Luna Park, the fun place to go, more Sydney beaches - a typical beach, the  countryside of  NSW, and Australian Aboriginals.
Page 23
Back into the red desert - this time the looking at Alice Springs (remember "A Town Like Alice"), also more of Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, in the Northern Territory, Manly Beach in NSW and a rare coin.
Page 24
Here's a truly great selection of Dingo photo's! There is a primitive appearance about them that's for sure! Five Dingo photo's, a Koala having lunch, and a simply gorgeous baby Wombat with his Mom.
Page 25
Trinity Beach in Queensland, and the superb glowing colours of the Port Lincoln Parrot, the unusual Red-Eyed Tree Frog, another Bilby, the evil looking Moray Eel, and the somewhat bizarre appearance of the Bearded Dragon lizard.
Page 26
Nature at its best! The unusual and rare Numbat, the oddity of the Pelican, a cute little striped Possum, the awesome size of the road train, the vibrant little Zebra Finch and Kings Canyon yet again.
Page 27
More of the magnificent native wildflowers and shrubs .. Banksia, Barklya, Buckinhamia, Dendrobian, and the Eucalyptus phoenicia. Truly superb in the spring.
Page 28
The Western Australia mammals - Numbat, Quokka, Brush Tail Possum and the WA Christmas Tree in its splendour, the Common Donkey Orchid, and "the blackboy".
Page 29
Moving from the wonderland of the Barrier Reef in Queensland, down to the wilderness of Tasmania, through the Red Center and out to the West Coast, we show the Wallaby,  the Tasmanian Devil  and another (surprise!) Kangaroo and Joey.
Page 30
More of the sunny Queensland - this time enjoying the Spot-tailed Quolls, a Sugar Cane farm, a group of Stingrays & Coral Reef Sharks, the unusual Buff-brested White Tail Kingfisher bird, and the Pied Butcher Bird (an aggressive little sod!) 
Page 31
Off again into the desert and the tropical wonderland of the Northern Territory. Never smile at a Crocodile! These ones jump out of the water! Also more delightful Kangaroos taking a morning jog, and another Frill-Neck Lizard displaying its fearful collar.
Page 32
From the insides of the rainforests to the rugged inland plains, we have the Brush Turkey, Double-eyed Fig Parrots, Eastern Yellow Robin, Hooded Parrot, Gang-Gang Cockatoo, and the Red-browed Finch.
We don't see these little guys every day!
Page 33
Another wonderful collection of birds often sighted in Australia.....the Red-capped Robin, Scarlet Honeyeater, White-breasted Wood Swallow, Yellow-bellied Sunbird,  and a Swamp Wallaby.
Page 34
Here we have the droughticken country.....just add water! Another photo of a lovely crystal clear northern New South Wales cove, and a very game bird treading warily on water lily pads!
Page 35
Photos of the somewhat common Blue-Tongue Lizard (scary!), Western Australian park, and the rainbow colours of the Lorikeet and the Gouldian Finches.
Page 36
Some absolutely beautiful scenic shots of Australian beauty. Myall Lakes in New South Wales, the Kimberley's in W.A., wildflowers in the Territory.
Page 37
Terrifying photos of The Great White Shark! (Surfers keep your legs on the board!) More photos of the colorful Australian Galah & the Pied Oyster Catcher, the tiny little Zebra Finch, and the Red Bellied Pademelon.
Page 38
The natural beauty of Dangar Falls and the Skillion in New South Wales, complimented by the beauty of the tropical beauty of Queensland. Includes pics of  the Great Dividing Range, Eucalypt woodlands, mangroves and termite mounds.
Page 39
Lovely pics of the historical Port Arthur, including the Isle of the Dead and the Military Compound. Also a brilliant W.A. sunset and a visitor to the beach.
Page 40
Fairy Penguins (the Little Blue Pengiun), Starfish, Giant Australian Cuttlefish, the beautiful Cassowary Bird, and the frightening facade of the Thorny Devil!
Page 41
In my own backyard...the colourful Galah, the Twenty-Eight Parrot (Ringneck), the raging west coast ocean, parkland paradise in Western Australia, and the red earth giving life.
Page 42
Mileage signs around the world, a windmill in the outback, Hyde Park in autumn, a lovely old church in Victoria, burning off the dry grasses in New South Wales, and the unusual grasses of the coastline.
Page 43
The comical chatter and antics of the Rainbow Lorikeets, vivid contrasts of the Rosella's, a sky full of Galahs, the nectar sucking feathered lovers, splashes of outback grasses, colourful and thriving in defiance of the barren soil of the cruel outback. the beauty is breathtaking!
Page 44
The Pinnacles in Western Australia. These are the skeletal remains of trees that grew thousands of years ago, before being engulfed and choked to death by invading sands. As sand dunes move, calcified and solidified pinnacles appear. More from the beautiful state of W.A.
Page 45
An extremely rare Albino Koala, beautiful Bondi Beach in the heat of summer, and Thredbo Ski resort in summer without the snow.
Page 46
More of Thredbo with beautiful wildflowers in the summer time. Also Corella's. King Brown Snake and a Kookaburra.
Page 47
Western Australia beauty of wildflowers, Northern Territory aridness and Pelicans in the lusciousness of Queensland.
Page 48



If you find an injured or orphaned animal in your travels, wrap it in a towel and place it in a dark quiet box. Contact your nearest National Parks & Wildlife Service, or take it to the nearest vet. The wonderful little Ozzie animal will be forever grateful! I have had the pleasure of hand raising many baby joeys and it is such a wonderful experience. If you wish to see "Archie", the first baby Joey we hand-raised, click here.



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