It is with pride and gratitude that we present the awards Lowchens of Australia has won.
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Blue Star Award
“Lowchens of Australia” - A really nice website. Many interesting information about the little lion dogs, presented in a unique and nice design. Content, design and structure of your page is exemplary. As acknowledgement for your hard work and effort, that is shown in every page, I present you this award.
Presented by:
April 10, 2001

International Women Site of the Month Award - March 2001
Your site has been chosen
as the winner of the
International Woman's Site of the Month for March.
Keep up the great work!
Presented by:
April 5th 2001

The Hawk Award - presented April 13th, 2001
Hi, Congratulations!
I have visited your web site and found it to meet the criteria of our Hawk award. You now qualify for our Bald Eagle Award, which is given out to the best site of the week. After that, the Golden Eagle Award for the month's best site. So, good luck!
Presented by:
High Density Computing
April 13th 2001

Dogmark Cool Site of the Day - May 17th, 2001
"" selected your wonderful site
Lowchens of Australia
for "Cool DOG Site of the Day" on
May 17, 2001.


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