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  - F - House Names
FINCA country estate
FONTAINEBLEU famous chateau south-east of Paris
FOYER home
FROGMORE a farmhouse of Shakespeare's time
  - G - House Names
GARD dwelling place
GARTON triangular settlement
GEHAZI valley of sight  (Biblical)
GESHURI sight of the valley; a walled valley  (Biblical)
GIHON valley of Grace (Biblical)
GILBY estate of the hostage
GILLAMAGONG white man's house
GRIANAN a sun house, in Irish myth
GUNYAH bark shelter
  - H - House Names
HAINES fences
HALFRIDA peaceful home
HALL stone house
HALSTEAD manor gardens
HALTON manor on hill
HAMLIN home-lover, or from home
HAMON home
HANK estate ruler
HARCOURT of the fortified farm
HARRIET ruler of the home or estate
HAUS house
HAVEN sanctuary
HEIM home
HENRIETTA ruler of the house
HORST a nest; thicket
HORTON grey settlement
HUIS house
HUMPHREY peaceful home
HUNTINGTON hunter's settlement
HYATT lofty gate
  - I - House Names
IRON in Irish myth. a valuable and magical property
ISHAM the iron one's house
  - J - House Names
JAVIER new house
  - K - House Names
KALAT castle
KINGSTON settlement of the king
KLASSE estate
  - L - House Names
LANDHAUS cottage
LAUDOMIA praise to the house
LIVINGSTON dear place
LYMAN dwellor of the meadow
  - M - House Names
MACY Matthew's manor
MAISON house
MAISONETTE small house
MANIERO country manor
MANOIR manor
MANSIÓN mansion
MANUAE home of the birds
MIYA temple
MORTON estate farm
MUGRA house
  - N - House Names
NARAYAN the man's house
NEIMED sanctuary
NEWBOLD new building
NEWELL new hall
  - O - House Names
O'CONOR from the house of Conchobhar
ODELLE of the home

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