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AKC and UKC Agility Titles
Organization Class Abbrev. Title Number of legs
AKC Novice NA Novice Agility 3
AKC Open OA Open Agility 3
AKC Excellent AX Agility Excellent 3
AKC Excellent MX Master Agility Excellent 10
AKC Novice Jumpers With Weaves NAJ Novice Agility Jumpers 3
AKC Open JWW OAJ Open Agility Jumpers 3
AKC Excellent JWW AXJ Agility Excellent Jumpers 3
AKC Excellent JWW MXJ Master Agility Excellent Jumpers 10
AKC Combination MACH Master Agility Champion point system
UKC Agility I U-AgI Agility Level 1 3
UKC Agility II U-AgII Agility Level 2 3
UKC Agility I, II U-ACH Agility Champion Point system
UKC Agility III U-ACHX Agility Champion Excellent 5


United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) Agility Titles

USDAA has three performance programs with varying height and speed requirements; Championship (Regular) program and Performance program are current, and the Veterans program has been replaced by the Performance program.

Championship, Performance, and Veterans Programs
Class Champ.
Title Number of legs
Starters/Novice AD PDI VAD Agility Dog (or)
Performance Dog I
Advanced AAD PDII VAAD Advanced Agility Dog (or)
Performance Dog II
Masters MAD PDIII VMAD Master Agility Dog (or)
Performance Dog III
MAD: 3 std + 1 each in 4 games
Vet, Perf: 3 std
Snooker SM PS VS Snooker Master (or Perf. Sn.) 5 (3 in top 15% for SM, PS)
Gamblers GM PG VG Gamblers Master (or Perf. Gamb.) 5
Pairs Relay RM n/a n/a Relay Master 5
Jumpers JM PJ VJ Jumpers Master (or Perf. Jmp.) 5
All ADCH APD VPD Agility Dog Champion (or)
Accomplished Performance Dog (or)
Veteran Performance Dog
7* std + GM, JM, RM, SM
7 std + PS, PG, PJ
3 std + VS, VG, VJ

* Only 3 required if dog completed MAD by Jan. 1, 2000

Junior Handler Program
Abbrev. Title Number of legs
JH-BA Junior Handler-Beginner Agility 1
JH-EA Junior Handler-Elementary Agility 2
JH-IA Junior Handler-Intermediate Agility 3
JH-SA Junior Handler-Senior Agility 3

(Janet Gauntt, Sally Sheridan, Darelene Woz)
(Updated/formatted 6/23/00 Ellen Finch of The Bay Team)

USDAA Classes & Symbols
S Starters Title Class JHP Junior Handler Program Class
N Novice Title Class PGP Grand Prix Tournament Class
A Advanced Title Class DAM Dog Agility Masters Tournament
M Masters Title Class BP Boxed Pairs
V Veterans Title Class KO Knockout Classes
G Gamblers Title Class O Other Classes
SK Snooker Title Class OG Open Gamblers
J Jumpers Title Class OS Open Snooker
R Pairs Relay Title Class OSTD Open Standard Agility
OJ Open Jumpers TBD To Be Determined
PP Pairs Pursuit NT Non-Titling
PR Open Pairs Relay D Draw Selection of Pair or Team
PS Pre-Starters/Pre-Novice * Application Pending
TS Time & Score

(Katie Greer)

North American Dog Agility Association (NADAC) Titles

NADAC has an easy titling abbreviation system. Titles look like:


and each letter can be easily predicted:

Performance Prefix Level Class "Certificate" Division Suffix
Agility (Regular)
always C -JH for Junior Handler

Therefore, here are the basic titles--just add the appropriate prefix and/or suffix. Point requirements are the same for all Divisions (Regular, Veterans, and Junior Handler).

Abbrev. Title Pts Needed Pts for Outst. Pts for Super.
NAC Novice Agility 30 100 200
OAC Open Agility 30 100 200
EAC Elite Agility 30 200 400
NJC Novice Jumpers 20 50 100
OJC Open Jumpers 20 50 100
EJC Elite Jumpers 20 100 200
NGC Novice Gamblers 20 50 100
OGC Open Gamblers 20 50 100
EGC Elite Gamblers 20 100 200
NATCH NADAC Agility Trial Champion 230 in Reg., 120 each in G&J 430/220/220 630/320/320

A clean Regular round is worth 10 points and a 5-fault Regular run worth 5 points. 10 pts for each qualifying run in gamblers and jumpers.
(Mary Jo Sminkey; Updated/formatted 6/23/00 Ellen Finch of The Bay Team)

In 2001, NADAC introduced new titles that don't follow the old conventions. These do not have Outstanding or Superior title versions (at least not at the moment). They are:

Abbrev. Title Pts Needed
TN-N Novice Tunnelers 30
TN-O Open Tunnelers 30
TN-E Elite Tunnelers 30
WV-N Novice Weavers 30
WV-O Open Weavers 30
WV-E Elite Weavers 30
TG-N Novice Touch 'N' Go 30
TG-O Open Touch 'N' Go 30
TG-E Elite Touch 'N' Go 30
award, not title? Novice Versatility Award earned NAC, NGC, NAC, TN-N, WV-N, TG-N
award, not title? Open Versatility Award earned OAC, OGC, OAC, TN-O, WV-O, TG-O
award, not title? Elite Versatility Award earned EAC, EGC, EAC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-E

(Added 4/2/2002 Ellen Finch of The Bay Team)

ASCA Agility Titles

RS-N Reg. Stand. Novice GJ-N Gamb. Juniors Novice
RS-O Reg. Stand. Open GJ-O Gamb. Juniors Open
RS-E Reg. Stand. Elite GJ-E Gamb. Juniors Elite
RV-N Reg. Veterans Novice GI-N Gamb. Intern. Novice
RV-O Reg. Veterans Open GI-O Gamb. Intern. Open
RV-E Reg. Veterans Elite GI-E Gamb. Intern. Elite
RJ-N Reg. Juniors Novice JS-N Jump. Stand. Novice
RJ-O Reg. Juniors Open JS-O Jump. Stand. Open
RJ-E Reg. Juniors Elite JS-E Jump. Stand. Elite
RI-N Reg. Intern. Novice JV-N Jump. Vet. Novice
RI-O Reg. Intern. Open JV-O Jump. Vet. Open
RI-E Reg. Intern. Elite JV-E Jump. Vet. Elite
GS-N Gamb. Stand. Novice JJ-N Jump. Juniors Novice
GS-O Gamb. Stand. Open JJ-O Jump. Juniors Open
GS-E Gamb. Stand. Elite JJ-E Jump. Juniors Elite
GV-N Gamb. Vet. Novice JI-N Jump. Intern. Novice
GV-O Gamb. Vet. Open JI-O Jump. Intern. Open
GV-E Gamb. Vet. Elite JI-E Jump. Intern. Elite

(Mary Jo Sminkey)

Agility Association of Canada (AAC) Agility Titles

AAC has three programs with varying height and speed requirements; Regular program, Special program and the Veteran program.

Regular, Special, and Veteran Programs
Class Regular
Title Number of legs
Starters ADC SADC VADC Agility Dog of Canada (or)
Special Agility Dog of Canada (or)
Veteran Agility Dog of Canada
Advanced AADC SAADC VAADC Adv. Agility Dog of Canada (or)
Spec. Adv. Agility Dog of Can. (or)
Vet. Adv. Agility Dog of Can.
Masters MADC SMADC VMADC Master Agility Dog of Canada (or)
Spec. Master Agility Dog of Can. (or)
Vet. Master Agility Dog of Can.
(3 std, 4 adv. games)*
Snooker MSDC SMSDC VMSDC Masters Snooker Dog of Canada
(or Special, Veteran)
Gamblers MGDC SMGDC VMGDC Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada
(or Special, Veteran)
Team Relay MTRDC SMTRDC VMTRDC Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada
(or Special, Veteran)
Jumpers MJDC SMJDC VMJDC Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
(or Special, Veteran)
Champion ATChC SATChC VATChC Agility Trial Champion of Canada
(or Special, Veteran)

*Three Standard rounds plus Gamblers and 2 other games required if dog completes MADC by Jan. 1, 2000

(Ron Mayeda)

Canine Performance Events (CPE) Titles

CPE has an easy titling abbreviation system. Titles look like:
   CL1-S or CL4-H
and each part can be easily predicted:

Prefix for "CPE Level" Level number Group
CL 1 thru 4 -Regular (Standard class)
-Handler games (Colors plus Wildcard)
-Strategy games (Jackput plus Snooker)
-Fun games (FullHouse plus Jumpers)

In addition, the simple titles CL1, CL2, and so on indicate that all four titles at that level have been achieved (so, for example, CL1 replaces CL1-H, CL1-R, CL1-F, and CL1-S). There are no separate veterans titles.

Regular Handler Strategy Fun
Level 1 2 Qs Standard 1 each colors & wildcard 1 each jackpot & snooker 1 each FullHouse & Jumpers
Level 2 2 clean or 3 Qs 2 each 2 each 2 each
Level 3 3 clean or 4 Qs 2 each 2 each 2 each
Level 4 4 clean or 5 Qs 2 each 2 each 2 each
CATCH* (level 5 Qs) 8 clean or 10 Qs 4 each 4 each 4 each
CADE** (level C Qs) 20 20 each 20 each 20 each

* CATCH: CPE Agility Trial Champion (no Level 5 titles for individual categories)

** CADE: CPE Agility Dog Extraordinaire. This title is more complex. Standard, Jackpot, and Snooker legs are worth 25 points each; Wildcard, Full House, and Jumpers are worth 20 pts. each; and Colors are worth 15 points each. The dog must earn the Qs shown in the preceding table (for a total of 3000 point) AND must earn an additional 2000 points from your choice of classes.

New CPE titles for 2004

There are new Specialist titles for dogs jumping 8" lower than normal; I'm not yet clear on how they work. In addition, there are new titles for dogs competing at Level 5 or C:

Qs required for title in each class Standard Colors Wildcard Snooker Jackpot FullHouse Jumpers
Champion, 15 Level 5 Qs ChST ChCL ChWC ChSN ChJP ChFH ChJU
Extraordinaire, 30 Level C Qs ExST ExCL ExWC ExSN ExJP ExFH ExJU

Dec 14, 2003/Ellen Levy Finch


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