Hotel Etiquette

Here are a few things you can do to increase priviledges rather than restrictions on dog owners:

  • Don't groom or bathe your dog in your room.
  • Carry your own Simple Solution or such to clean up any accidents, and don't use hotel towels. Travel with your own paper towels.
  • Pick up after your dog (and anyone else's) outside.
  • If you must leave the dog in the hotel, leave him crated. Leave your cell phone # or a number where you can be reached with the front desk while you're out.
  • Control barking. If your dog barks when you're gone you just can't leave him.
  • Take a sheet from home and put it over the bedspread if your dog is on the bed.
  • Tip the maid and leave her a note thanking her for a nice room. Do this the first night and you'll never hear a complaint about your dog!
  • Clubs: Follow up on your exhibitors. Let them know you will be doing this and let the hotels know too.

(Mary Green)


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