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At Sea Glossary - K

1) A method of pulling a boat out of shallow water when it has runaground. A dinghy is used to set an anchor, then the boat is pulled toward the anchor. Those steps are repeated until the boat is in deep enough water to float.
2) A traditionally shaped anchor having flukes perpendicular to thestock of the anchor and connected by a shank. These are less common than modern anchors such as the plow and lightweightanchors.

A flat surface built into the bottom of the boat to reduce the leeway caused by the wind pushing against the side of the boat. A keel also usually has some ballast to help keep the boat upright and prevent it from heeling too much. There are several types of keels, such as fin keels and full keels.

sailboat with two masts. The shorter mizzen mast is aft of themain mast, but forward of the rudder post. A similar vessel, theyawl, has the mizzen mast aft of the rudder post.

One knot equals one nautical mile per hour. This rate is equivalent to approximately 1.15 statute miles per hour, or exactly 1.852 kilometers per hour.


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