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At Sea Glossary - W

Waves generated in the water by a moving vessel.

1) A division of crew into shifts.
2) The time each division of crew has duty.

The line where the water comes to on the hull of a boat. Design waterline is where the waterline was designed to be. Load waterline is the waterline when the boat is loaded. The painted waterline is where the waterline was painted. Actual waterline is where the waterline really is at any given time.

Completely filled with water.

A river, canal or other body of water that boats can travel on.

The progress of a boat. If a boat is moving it is considered to be "making way."

To raise, as in to weigh anchor.

quay. A section parallel to the shore for docking and unloading vessels.

One of two methods used to steer a boat. A wheel is turned in the direction that the helmsman wants the boat to go. On smaller boats, a tiller usually is used, and it steers in the opposite manner.

whisker pole
spar used to help hold the jib out when sailing off the wind.

A device used to give a mechanical advantage when hauling on thelines.

The wind-driven electrical generator aboard New World.

A mechanical device used to pull in cable or chain, such as ananchor rode.

A system of lines, pulleys, paddles and clamps that work together with the wind to hold a sailboat on course. New World is equipped with a Monitor windvane.

In the direction of the wind. Opposite of leeward.

working sails
The sails used on a particular sailboat in normal weather conditions.

working sheet
The sheet that currently is taut and is in use to control a sail. The opposite of the lazy sheet.


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