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Celtic Goddess Names - H, I, J, K & L

A British goddess of healing and spinning.

A Welsh river goddess, the tutelary deity of the River Severn.

A goddess imported to Scotland by the Tungarians. She was worshipped at Blatobulgium (Birrens, Dumfriesshire)
(Isolde, Esyllt, Essyllt Vyngwen) ('of the fine hair') Three women linked to Tristram. First, a Queen of Ireland who had great healing powers, with which she cured Tristram when he was wounded by her brother Morold. Second, the promised bride of King Mark of Cornwall who became Tristram's lover when they mistakenly consumed a love potion, when they had to part she gave him a ring as a token of her love, to be used as a signal should he need her. Third, the daughter of a King of Brittany who became Tristram's wife.
Lady of the Lake
The Lady is a conflation of the multitudinous lake, river, and water spirits so prevalent in Celtic mythology. Nevertheless, common threads do appear; one of the best documented is that of relic-guardian, holder of the sacred sword Excalibur, who gives it to Arthur, and takes it back at the end of the stories.

The Lady of the lake has many guises. According to Thomas Mallory, Nimue is one of her names; she defeated, or perhaps simply replaced Merlin, at Arthur's Court. Nineve seems to be the Keeper of Excalibur, and her name may be a variant on Nimue, but she is slain by Sir Balin, and her personality is at variance to Nimue's. She was known to the French as Viviane.

(Britain) A goddess 'of the pool' or 'of beer' who was worshipped at Birdoswald on the Roman Wall. She fell in love with a salmon, and out of pity for her the other gods and goddesses turned him into a handsome young warrior. Every winter, he must turn back into a salmon, and Latis weeps until his return in the spring; creating the winter rains.

Leannan Sidhe
(Ireland) A fairy lover and succubus. She is defined in Dinneen's dictionary as 'a familiar figure, an endearing phantom, also figuratively of a delicate person... used sometimes like "muse" as a source of poetical inspiration'. Those inspired by her often lead brilliant but short lives. On the Isle of Man she is considered malevolent and vampiric.
An Irish water-spirit; the daughter, by Etain, of Eochaid.

(Laudine) Arthurian. She befriended Owain and brought about his marriage with the Lady of the Fountain.

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