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Celtic Goddess Names - O, P, Q & R

("white track") She was a beautiful woman of high degree, the daughter of the Ysbaddaden, a monstrous figure whose life depended on keeping his daughter. When she married, her father's power and life were transferred to her husband. Her name may derive from legends of flowers blossoming under her feet.

A queen of the Irish fairies.

The Welsh birch goddess whose bird is the Raven. She left her home in the land of fairie for love. When she began existence on this earthly plain, she lost most of her powers, but could still send magic to those around her in times of great distress.

Rhiannon is the wife of Pwyll and mother of Pryderi. She was unjustly accused of destroying her newborn son, who had been kidnapped by a nameless fiend. She was compelled to take the form of a horse until her son was returned to her unexpectedly. She is considered as an aspect of the Gaulish Epona; and the Irish Morrigan, and was known as the mistress of the singing birds.

She appeared to Pwyll (lord of Dyfed) as a beautiful woman in dazzling gold, astride a white horse. Pwyll sent his swiftest horsmen after her, but still could not catch her. On the third day, he spoke to her; and she told him she wished to marry him, instead of her betrothed, Gwawl. Rhiannon told Pywll he was to meet her in a year and a day.

He won her at the court of her father, Hefeydd the Old, by her aid. She bore Pwyll a son, who vanished. Her women killed a puppy and smeared its blood on her, to avoid blame at the child's loss. As punishment, Rhiannon spent seven years telling her story to all comers and bearing them, like a horse, to the court.

The child was fostered at the court of Teirnon. On May eve, when the mares foaled, the foals all disappeared. While Teirnon kept watch at the stables, he saved a foal from a mysterious beast, and also discovered a child outside the stable; who was adopted by Tiernon and his wife. The child grew to young manhood in seven years, and was given the foal which was rescued on the night he was found. Teirnon recognised the child as the son of Pwyll and returned him to his family, where he was named Pryderi ("worry") by his mother.

After Pwyll's death, Rhiannon married the great magician Manawydan; the son of Llyr and brother of Bran and Branwen. When all of Dyfed had been turned into a wasteland, only Rhiannon, Manawydan, Pryderi, and his wife Cigfa, were spared.

While Manawydan and Pryderi were out hunting, they followed an enormous white boar into a caer, where they saw a golden bowl. When Pryderi touched the bowl, he became enspelled. Rhiannon went after him, but fell under the same spell and suddenly vanished. She was rescued when Manawydan captured the wife of their enemy, Llwyd, who had been taking his revenge for the ill treatment of Gwawl.

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