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( "winding river" ) A Gallic protective goddess and goddess of water, the consort of the god of the hammer, Nantosuelta's story has become obscured. She is depicted holding a container in her right hand, often a saucer, sometimes a cup or small pot. In her left hand she holds a long staff which has a small building, perhaps a house, hanging from the tip. She is associated with ravens, and may be connected with the Morrigan. Among the Mediomatrici of Alsace she is often portrayed holding a model of a house, indicating a domestic function.

A Celtic goddess worshipped in Gaul. Her consort was the god Sucellos. Her attribute is as cornucopia ("horn of plenty"), which refers to her fertility goddess aspect. She is occasionally represented with a cottage on her hand, which could indicate that she was patroness of the family. Nantosuetta was also a goddess of the realm of the dead.

("frenzy") The Irish Goddess of war and battle. One of the three Valkyrie-aspects of the the Morrigan.

The Gaulish Celtic goddess of sacred groves or shrines, nemeton meaning"shrine". She of the sacred grove. A Continental Deity revered during Roman times; her name may be cognate with the Irish Valkyrie Nemain, and in fact the Romans seem to have regarded her as having some connection with Mars.

The Celtic Moon Goddess of Fate.

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